What we want

We at Reach want to give users all over the world the possibility to see the whole world. With pictures or videos from a beach or a mountain, from a forrest to the desert or from a concert or a casual walk. We want to connect everyone. Because here at Reach we believe that – We are all connected. How far is your Reach?

The Reach app is the easiest way to explore the world through pictures and videos. Wherever you are! Find other users on the app, ask them for a picture or a video, receive and start exploring.



Use the Globe to find other users and send a request for a picture/video from that place, use #tag interest to find people with same interest as yourself, search for users by individual countries or simply find your friends on the map.
Use Reach Live to tag yourself in what you are doing at that moment or do a quick search for places you want to receive picture/videos from such as mountain, beach, boat, landmark and more.
Explore and receive pictures/videos from events all over the world happening right now.
Use Reach Event list to create your own unique event or attend one.
Watch commercials and earn Recoins
Use ‘My Donation’ and find a none profit organization of your liking and use your Recoins earnings and donate to a charity you choose for free and be a part of the change.


How we can help

We are all connected one way or another. Six degree of separation means that through 6 links/persons (people you know) you can Reach any person on this blue planet. So if that is the case, why would you not help, if you could. If we all contribute a little, we can all benefit from it, and make the world a better place. Through our affiliates we have made it easy for anyone to contribute and this for free. All we ask is a little bit of your time and as a thank you we will give you the possibility to make the world a better place with no cost for you. And there is more to come!



Re-coin is our currency in the app and you earn Re-coins by watching an ad. Our goal is to give back up to 50% of what we earn, so you can do your part and contribute to help humans, nature or animals for free (Or all of them). We are all in this together.